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What a few of Jim Walton's clients have said about his professionalism.

Jim does a tremendous job as the voice of KDXU. He understands our format and product. He "sells" our programs with sincerity. He does great image liners. Many times Jim will give us several takes to choose from or to just mix and match. I've worked with a lot of voice talent over the years. None was more professional. None was easier to work with. As far as KDXU is concerned, Jim is the very best! He cares!

Peter Gardner (Program Director of News/Talk KDXU St. George, UT)

Voice On-Demand... from hard sell, in your face, monster retail to the softer, more compassionate, "good enough to take him home to mom" voice over, Jim has me covered. He not only brings direct ability to the table, but also his own creativeness which has proved to be an immeasurable asset on many occasions.

David O'Hearn (Copy Writer/Producer Wheeler Advertising Dallas, TX)


Speedy, Trendy, and Timeless... Cliché right... Wrong! "I have worked with hundreds of voices in my radio career and I have to say Jim is on point. With years of experience with the likes of Dr. Dave, Chase, and Rick Party, Walton doesn't cut corners like many others do. If your job is like mine, you want a VO that will be exciting to produce. When the delivery is less than perfect, there isn't anything that a producer can do to fix it. All the hype beds in the world can't revive a promo from soon disaster. So simply stated, if you want imaging that will stick, Jim Walton is the full package.

Sean Bailey ("The Voice Radio Network")

There are few voice guys left in the business with the customer service it takes. Jim Walton is that man and is by far the best voice guy in the nation.

Kit Caldwell (Station Manager KCLQ Lebanon, MO)




When our station needed solid imaging, we chose to go with Jim Walton for a couple of reasons. The quality of production and ability to tailor a package to our budget was important. But the biggest reason we went with Jim was the value we received through his attention to detail and outstanding customer service. In the world of voice imaging, it's rare to encounter a talent of this magnitude without having to deal with the difficulties of an accompanying ego. Jim is a pleasure to work with in every way.

Bryan Hyde (Talk show host Cherry Creek Broadcasting)

I went searching for a signature voice for Country WYTZ a few years ago. I wanted someone who would deliver the 'goods' without being the stereo-typical voice guy. Jim Walton not only delivers the 'goods'---warm, friendly delivery with an edge--- he does it in a timely manner, and is always willing to go the extra mile. Plus, being in a smaller market, Jim was willing to work within our budget to make it happen. WYTZ has a 'stationality' to our audience thanks to Jim Walton.

Robb Rose (Program Director WYTZ / WIRX Benton Harbor, MI)